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Credit and debit without commissions.


This card is characterized by being a product that offers you two cards in one : the credit card and the debit card, which allows you the option of choosing the payment method that most interests you at all times, being able to choose between making immediate payment, at the end of the month or in installments.

Regarding the limit amount that the information on your website can grant you, it informs about the need to analyze each case individually, depending on the amount of the economic profile that you present.

Cream Smart Card Features

Cream Smart Card Features

The Cream Smart card is characterized by allowing you to have two types of card in one, which means that you can choose the method of payment of your expenses as if it were a debit or credit card as you prefer.

In this way you can choose between making the payment on the same day (as if it were a debit card), making the payment at the end of the month without having to pay any commission for it, or paying in installments in the that you would choose a fixed amount or monthly percentage to be paid in installments for a maximum of 18 months at the current interest rate.

How to request the Cream Smart Card

How to request the Cream Smart Card

To make the hiring of your Cream Smart card effective, it is first necessary to sign up for the Cream Smart Account. This checking and savings account allows you to enjoy the linked card “Cream Smart Card” for free.

Just by contracting the Cream Smart Account you will automatically receive your Smart card that you can activate easily and quickly from any ATM, through the Cream Bank website, or if you prefer, from the Cream Bank mobile application.

Advantages of the Cream Smart Card

Advantages of the Cream Smart Card

The Cream Smart Card is a card that works simultaneously as a “credit card” and “debit card”, allowing you to have money without commissions at any time.

This card gives you the option of withdrawing money by debit at more than 12,000 ATMs in Spain at no cost, being able to withdraw money from the rest of the ATMs also for free as long as you withdraw at least the amount of $ 120. If you need it, it will also allow you to have your money debited abroad for free.

Another advantage that this card offers you is the possibility of carrying out any operation through the Cream Bank mobile application, benefit from discounts with collaborating entities such as GALP and Booking or enjoy coverage if necessary. accident insurance and travel assistance.

Requirements to request the Cream Smart Card

Requirements to request the Cream Smart Card

If you are interested in contracting the Cream Smart Account and thus have your Smart card, Cream Bank will ask you to meet the following conditions : be between 18 and 75 years old, have your ID or NIE in force, have a mobile phone with the that you can take a selfie to authenticate the process and pay taxes in Spain.

In this sense, Cream Bank will differentiate two types of clients according to the age range to which they belong. In this way, clients between 25 and 35 years old will have to meet less restrictive requirements to demonstrate their solvency capacity than clients who do not belong to this age range.

If you are between 25 and 35 years old, Cream Bank will ask you to meet the following requirements:

  • Direct debit of the monthly receipt of your mobile phone bill
  • Make at least six minimum annual income of $ 300
  • Make monthly payments with your smart card
  • Have the Smart Mobile Banking App

If you are not in this age range, Cream Bank will ask you to meet at least one of the following requirements :

  • Direct debit of a payroll, pension or unemployment benefit for a minimum amount of $ 600
  • Contract a loan or Cream Bank Service for a minimum value of $ 10.00



The Cream Smart Card is linked to the contracting of the Cream Bank Smart Account at no cost.

Among its main features, the opportunity to have two types of card in one stand out : “credit card” and “debit card”, which will allow you to decide according to your needs how to make the card return payments in each moment, being able to opt for immediate payment, payment at the end of the month or payment in installments, according to your most immediate needs.

Regarding the amount of credit they can offer you in each case, it will depend on your financial situation and earning capacity, since they individually study each particular case of their clients.

It is therefore a versatile product with which you can make your payments quickly and have the money whenever you need it without having to pay commissions of any kind.

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